A Making A Mark Guide: Sketching Plein Air with Coloured Pencils

A Making A Mark Guide: Sketching Plein Air with Coloured Pencils - AVAILABLE NOW

The following publication is available as a pdf file and can be downloaded for free for personal educational use only (see copyright notice).

What the guide covers
This guide is about a sketch I started at Kew Gardens and completed at home.  It covers:
  • how to get used to a place and find a view to sketch
  • how to use your camera as a tool and to collect reference photographs
  • developing my version of a thumbnail sketch;
  • how to consider and select colours;
  • developing a sketch - working plein air and
  • finishing - working back home / in the studio.

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Making A Mark - Sketching Plein Air with Coloured Pencils v1.4.pdf 279.7KB The first version of this article appeared on Making a Mark on 13th August 2007, followed by a revised version on Travels with a Sketchbook in...... on 28th August 2007

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