Drawings of desert plants and cacti by Katherine Tyrrell

My drawings of desert plants focus on what cacti and succulents - look like in 'close-up' - as a macro.

These drawings grew out of a project to study the work and approaches employed by Georgia O'Keefe which you can read about here coupled with a very stimulating visit to the deserts of the southwestern states of the USA (California, Arizona and New Mexico) in 2006 (see USA Sketchbook - Southwestern States)

Works have been regularly exhibited at
  • the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition - in 2011, 2012 and after eye surgery and a book(!) 2015 and 2016.
  • the annual Florum exhibition in Kent in September - see works at the Florum Annual Exhibition 2014

Seven works (see right) were exhibited at the Mission Trails Art Gallery in San Diego, California in November 2010

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