Interior Landscapes - drawings by Katherine Tyrrell

Interiors have a 'landscape' quality too.  I also particularly enjoy capturing people without drawing detailed faces.

All my drawings and sketches of the interiors of houses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, wine bars and tearooms are observations from life.  Many represent the view from my table in various 'eateries' - always favourite places for drawing on my travels (see also my USA Sketchbooks and my blog post about Interior landscapes with food - a Sketchbook - one day soon there will be a book! ).

All drawing is done from life, using traditional methods to sight and measure size, angles and proportions. 

Much of it is done quickly while some benefit from more time.  Pen and ink work is both enjoyable as a challenge and deliberately used to exercise drawing skills.  Most of the work is completed either in Daler Rowney black hardback sketchbooks (size A4) with A Moleskine Sketchbook being used for all recent small scale work.  Coloured pencil is sometimes added to parts of the sketch. 

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